Eggs that fit your food philosophy.
Eggs that fit your food philosophy.

GoldEgg Free Run eggs are gathered from the nests of hens that are free to roam indoors.

  • Free run hens live in state-of-the-art, open concept barns. Each hen is able to freely roam, perch, and lay their eggs in nest boxes.

  • Eggs are an excellent source of protein and provide other nutrients, like B-vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin E, and iron that are important to a balanced diet.

  • Produced in Ontario by Ontario Egg Farmers and certified Ontario local by Foodland Ontario. Learn about the benefits of buying local.

    Don’t be fooled! Look for the Foodland Ontario logo on the carton as a sign that your eggs come from local Ontario farms.

  • All packaging for Gold Egg eggs – pulp and plastic – are made from 100% post consumer recycled materials. Empty cartons are 100% recyclable (where available).


Free Run Large Brown Eggs


6 g of high quality protein per egg 

  • Nutrition Facts

    Per 1 large egg (53 g)

    Calories 70 % Daily Value*
    Total Fat 5 g 8%
    Saturated 1.5 g
    + Trans 0 g
    Cholesterol 195 mg
    Sodium 65 mg 3%
    Carbohydrate 1 g 1%
    Fibre 0 g
    Sugars 0 g
    Protein 6 g
    Vitamin A 10%
    Vitamin C 0%
    Calcium 2%
    Iron 6%
    Vitamin D 15%
    Vitamin E 10%
    Vitamin B6 2%
    Vitamin B12 50%
    Pantothenate 20%
    Phosphorous 6%
    Magnesium 2%
    Zinc 6%
    Selenium 40%
    Copper 2%
    Manganese 2%
    *5% or less is a little, 15% or more is alot
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GoldEgg is proud to partner with Ontario Egg Farmers to bring Ontario families local fresh, Foodland Ontario certified eggs.

Rest assured: if your carton has the Foodland Ontario logo on it, you are buying Ontario eggs from Ontario farmers.