Excellence Rooted in Tradition

L.H. Gray & Son Limited is a modern, innovative company backed by more than 75 years of tradition.

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In 1934, Lyle and Ina Gray established an egg grading station in Ridgetown, Ontario. It was the fifth station in this thriving agricultural community and competition was fierce, but the determination of the Grays and later, their son Bill, paid off.

By 1969, their egg grading station was the only one operating in Ridgetown.

By 1992, after numerous plant and equipment upgrades to keep pace with the growing egg industry, L.H. Gray & Son had become one of the country’s leading egg grading and packing businesses with plants in Strathroy (its head office) and Listowel, Ontario.

Modernization and growth continued and today, both L.H. Gray & Son egg grading plants are HACCP certified and provide a significant volume of eggs and egg products to Ontario consumers.

In addition to marketing eggs in Ontario, L.H. Gray is part of an egg marketing alliance called National Egg which markets GoldEgg/JauneDoré specialty eggs and egg products nationally. L.H. Gray has also invested in egg grading businesses in Quebec (Ovale eggs) and British Columbia (Golden Valley Foods) and egg processing companies - Lashbrook Egg Products in Elmira, Ontario and Global Egg Corporation/Egg Solutions in Toronto.

L.H. Gray & Son is still family owned and operated with Bill Gray as President. His philosophy of “keep growing, keep building and operate as if you will go on forever,” is what spurs him and his team to ensure they have the most modern and innovative egg businesses in Canada and is what will continue to lead future growth.