Live your best life with eggs.

Live your best life with eggs.

Egg recipes and egg facts from the experts, collected and served up here for you.

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Naturally nutritionally perfect.

Eggs are more than just protein. Get the nutrition facts about your eggs.

Eggs:  Naturally nutritionally perfect.

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Did you know?

When it comes to nutrition, size and feed trumps barn style.

The amount of nutrition in an egg depends on what size it is.
Jumbo eggs have the highest nutrient levels; small eggs have the lowest.

The type of barn that hens live in doesn’t change an egg’s nutritional value.
A large egg laid on an unconventional egg farm like an organic or free run barn has the same nutrient content as a large egg laid on a conventional farm.

For nutritional facts for Organic, Free Range, Free Run or Enriched Coop eggs, look up the egg size (medium, large, etc.)

Nutrient enriched eggs, like eggs with added omega-3s or vitamin D, are naturally enriched by adding nutrients to the hens feed.
For example, eggs are supplemented with omega-3 s by adding flax seed – an omega-3 rich ingredient – to the hens’ feed.